Promoting Yourself Authentically

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Promoting yourself involves being generous, trustworthy, present, open minded and adaptable. When doing self promotion you want to focus on clearing obstacles, demonstrating acceptance of others and your self, and genuine respectful self expression.

Focusing on clearing obstacles or embracing challenges in your life is step one. Not taking the risks necessary to address the challenges in life is the opposite of authenticity.  It is often what keeps people stuck. Do what you can to move forward and do take those steps forward even if thewy are baby steps.

The second area to focus on is to be accepting of yourself and others. Simply accepting people as they are rather than having the agenda of changing them is a great space from which to engage with others. People sense when the acceptance is genuine and gravitate toward you.

The third is to express yourself authentically. Of course, that does not give you permission to cause a scene or be intentionally disruptive. It does promote speaking from a place of respect and clarity regarding your perception or opinion in relation to a project or process. It also is impactful when offering well thought out and timely solutions to issues arising.

Authentic self expression takes practice. Let me know how you are doing in that area. I am genuinely interested.

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