Competencies for Managers

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The list below is a high-level overview of managerial competencies that are often measured for in various behavioural assessment tools.

Action Orientation – Action oriented and full of energy for the things that are challenging. Acting with a minimum of planning is common. Seizing opportunities overlooked by others.

Dealing With Ambiguity – Shifting gears frequently is comfortable. Making a decision and taking the right action is typical. Comfortably managing risk and uncertainty is commonplace.

Approachability – Easy to approach and talk with. Extra effort is taken to put others at ease, known for building rapport. Generally gracious and patient with the interpersonal anxieties of others.

Business Acumen – Know and understand how the business works. Knows about current and possible future policies, practices, trends, and information. Has an accurate knowledge of what others in similar or same space are doing.

Genuine Compassion – Cares about direct reports and is interested in their lives. Brings about change to address employee concerns. Monitors workloads and appreciates extra effort. 

Comfort Around Executives – Is comfortable in dealing with and addressing senior managers. Presenting to upper managers is done without undue tension and nervousness. Developed ability to have executives listen to what will make a difference for employees and clients alike.

Command Skills – Capacity for leading. Provides and is looked to for direction in a crisis. Leans into adversity when necessary.

Composure – Maintains composure under pressure. Mature and can be counted on to hold things together during tough times. Is not knocked off balance by the unexpected.

Managerial Courage – Can be counted on to say what needs to be said. Provides current, direct, complete, and “actionable” positive and corrective feedback to others. Let’s people know where they stand.

Managing and Measuring Work – Clearly assigns responsibility for tasks and decisions. Monitors process, progress, and results without being a micro-manager. Designs appropriate feedback loops into work.

On review which competencies resonate with you as a manager? What would add or take away from the list?

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