My Story

The Evolution of Marie-Helene & Effective Placement

I have worked in occupations that have allowed me to develop my skills in managing recruitment processes from end-to-end, retention of talent, cultural transformation, the inclusion of diversity principles and practices, team development, and business reorganization.

Working abroad in Papua New Guinea, I gained valuable experience in managing diverse workplace dynamics. Working for small and mid-sized business has assisted me in the shaping of change and transition at cultural and operational levels.

Spending time as an Executive Director and serving on Boards, I have developed Board Governance and HR Power experience. Having hosted, planned, and spoken at events, I’ve learned to deliver messages with sensitivity and humour.

The desire to have an impact on assisting small and mid-sized businesses and community-based organizations was born from seeing the gaps that many organizations face in managing limited resources with the constant demand for change.

Beginning as a Recruitment Consultant, I moved on to other areas of Human Resources including organizational development, training, operational health and safety requirements, and succession planning. I have worked for large multinational corporations, community-based organizations, and small and mid-sized businesses in a variety of roles.

The focus has been on providing the services that organizations need to manage and address change. Since 2000 companies and organizations in construction, mining, health care service providers, industrial equipment, manufacturing, and economic development, have been served.

Success is much like life – it is what you make of it. In transitioning to Marie-Helene & Effective Placement, the focus has become serving the needs of small to mid-sized enterprises and organizations along with individuals that all have one thing in common – changing dynamics for future success. Having the ability to boost the capacity of a team or organization or an individual is the success factor that I am deeply committed to.

As an expert recruiter, I am able to assist individuals with the following:


As a small to mid-sized company or community-based organization, services offered are designed to assist you with:


My style of working with individuals, businesses and Not-for-Profits  is Consultative, Individualised, Supportive, Candid, Tactical, and Personal.

Please reach out and touch base for a consultation on your needs and how I may be of service to you. I look forward to hearing from you.


All the best,