Assets of Contract Workers

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:30 Jan 2024

Many business leaders are grappling with change at a fast an accelerated pace. It seems that we are all of us are dealing with some form of change. Addressing and having the changes be accepted frequently requires additional assistance. Enter

Why Introverts & Highly Sensitive People Are Needed Now

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:29 Jan 2024

Not everyone in our culture is an alpha person.  For those of us who are introverted or highly sensitive that world is one that is foreign to us. The natural tendencies for those who are not the alpha type are

Grit and the Art of Staying with It

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:26 Jun 2023

At work and home most of us lead fast paced lives that require a certain level of commitment. For myself before the day is complete I need to spend 10 minutes at least prioritizing the areas that need to be

Integrity in Diversity

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:19 Jun 2023

Diversity and inclusion programs and policies have proliferated HR literature over the past few years. Most initiatives in the realm of diversity focus on ethnicity, gender, and age. Diversity involving these aspects is visible and therefore tangible. The question remains

Learning to Say No in Business is Essential

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:3 Jun 2023

Regretting business opportunities that do not fit with your values. At one time or another we have all worked with a client that has not been a values match. The end results have been frustrating and morale breaking. The client

Leadership Competencies

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:16 Apr 2024

    The market place is full of competency and behavioral assessments that assist leaders in discovering their core strengths.  Following are leadership competencies that are essential when leading others. Social Intelligence – A working definition here includes sensitivity to

Benefits of Scheduling Periods of Quiet in Your Day

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:9 Apr 2024

  The mantra of busyness is one that most of us are familiar with.  A different approach is becoming popular and it is one where you actually schedule or plan for periods of quiet in your day. The habit of

Time to Pause, Reflect, & Integrate

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:2 Apr 2024

  As the western hemisphere moves into spring it signals a process of renewal for individuals, businesses and organizations alike. For renewal to be as impactful as possible it is important to pause, reflect and integrate what the change in

Behaviours That Add Value

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:19 Mar 2024

  All of us earn our good reputations by excelling at what we do. Personal mastery is necessary for each of us to individually achieve our goals or intentions. A few pointers on achieving the best version of yourself follow.

Liberal Arts Education & Soft Skills

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:13 Mar 2024

  It turns out that people with an Arts degree may have the right type of soft skills to succeed in areas that are uncertain and murky.  Here are the soft skills that people with a Liberal Arts education tend