Is the Employee Toxic or Not a Fit?

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Workplaces are where we spend a great deal of our time and energy. Employees that join a company full of talent with the likelihood of being a valued asset may not always live into their full potential.

Every hiring manager has been through a cycle of having made a hire that has not done as well as expected. If that potential star employee is not a fit for the company or organization the chances of that person being labelled as toxic is high.

As the manager it is important to have a transparent and direct conversation with the individual to determine if there is an alignment with values of the company in general. It is also important to ascertain if the individual’s behavior is the result of personal or workplace stressors.

Should the behavior have to do with stress factors – engaging with the employee assistance provider would be in order. Providing training sessions to employees on learning how to identify and manage workplace stressors would also be appropriate.

In the event the employee turns out to be not a fit it may be time to work with the individual to find a more suitable role outside of the company. Doing so demonstrates caring and compassion.