Time to Pause, Reflect, & Integrate

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As the western hemisphere moves into spring it signals a process of renewal for individuals, businesses and organizations alike. For renewal to be as impactful as possible it is important to pause, reflect and integrate what the change in seasons is bringing or has brought about.

You may be embarking on the launch of a new business service or product. Take the time to reflect on the following questions before taking definitive action:

  1. What has worked in the past or if a new venture – what are you willing to risk?
  2. What has been a challenge in terms of new launches in the past?
  3. What failed?
  4. What lessons have been learned as a result of the successes, challenges, and failures?
  5. What would you do differently if anything?
  6. What is next or what course of action will you be embarking on now and over the next several months?

Having completed a period of reflection you will find that it has provided the impetus for renewal – the necessary component that signals integration and a clean slate to move forward.

Marie-Helene & Effective Placement & Faery Godmothers