Why Introverts & Highly Sensitive People Are Needed Now

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Not everyone in our culture is an alpha person.  For those of us who are introverted or highly sensitive that world is one that is foreign to us. The natural tendencies for those who are not the alpha type are quite different from the “go get what you want and take charge” perspective that defines much of our culture.

Introverts and highly sensitive people are different. Introverted people are on the quieter side. Highly sensitive people may not be as quiet. They do however share some of the same natural tendencies.

  1. The need for quiet time is one of them. Alone time to process information is important for both traits.
  • The need or preference to work alone for part of the time, again to process information and offer solutions beyond what is typical or expected.
  • Having deep and meaningful discussions with colleagues or friends on a one-to-one basis. Group, and large meetings have their place, and sensitives and introverts can deliver in large groups.  The one-to-one dynamic is necessary to build quality business interactions that are based on trust.

Workplaces with the overall culture of “go get what you want and take charge” are being scrutinized.  The overall volatility of the workplace and life in general is demanding a review of values and mores that have been held as the only way forward until recently. Introverts and highly sensitive people are demonstrating that another way of doing business and being in the world is possible. And at this time in history those other ways are a necessity.

What other traits do you value in highly sensitive and introverted people?

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