Grit and the Art of Staying with It

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:26 Jun 2023

At work and home most of us lead fast paced lives that require a certain level of commitment. For myself before the day is complete I need to spend 10 minutes at least prioritizing the areas that need to be

Applying for Jobs, No Results? Need a New Resume?

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:21 Jun 2023

Summer Special – July 4 – August 31, 2023 – 20% Off Resume & Cover Letter Services Are you being interviewed for jobs you have applied to? Or are your applications not getting through the pre-screening process? As a Talent

Integrity in Diversity

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:19 Jun 2023

Diversity and inclusion programs and policies have proliferated HR literature over the past few years. Most initiatives in the realm of diversity focus on ethnicity, gender, and age. Diversity involving these aspects is visible and therefore tangible. The question remains

Learning to Say No in Business is Essential

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:3 Jun 2023

Regretting business opportunities that do not fit with your values. At one time or another we have all worked with a client that has not been a values match. The end results have been frustrating and morale breaking. The client