Intuition & Management

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Intuition may be the highest form of intelligence. Linking management to intuition includes the following traits:

  • Action Orientation – Taking action at the right time is crucial. Whether the action is quick or over a prolonged period of time is often an intuitive decision.
  • Dealing With Ambiguity – Trusting that change is the order of the day is an important intuitive aspect. Being able to live with the change and make operational decisions in trusting that gut feeling requires a capacity for also managing with discomfort. 
  • Approachability – Being open with others is important even when the final outcome is not clear. Pursing the course and communicating that the final outcome may be somewhat changeable is an intuitive connotations process.
  • Business Acumen – Being able to read the marketplace and make decisions based on what is going on is based on an intuitive perception. Taking action to support those insights as quickly as possible is invaluable.
  • Managerial Courage – Having the courage to take action on what is often perceived as a lack of evidence, or an unsubstantiated hunch is not without its risks. The action may pay off in the long run and the daring person who trusts that intuitive pull may just win the day.

What decisions have you made that were based on something other than logic?  Book an appointment with me to discuss the importance of developing intuition in your workplace.

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