Characteristics of Resilience

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Resilience is the ability to absorb a shock, to quickly assess a situation, and to bring yourself back to a higher level of functioning. The ability to bounce quickly is a learned behaviour.

The world we live in can quickly overwhelm us as individuals and as a collective. Most days consist of multitasking, repetitive interruptions, and switching from task to task. To assist with staying on track and from becoming overwhelmed mindful attention to one thing at a time is recommended.

That includes making sure you take the responsibility for the following:

    • Clarity when you do not wish to be distracted.
    • Prioritize tasks with the most challenging set for the time of day you have peak energy.
    • Turning off pop-up notifications when possible.

The benefits of following the few simple steps mentioned include:

    • Reduced stress.
    • Improved cognitive function.
    • Emotional stability.
    • Behavioural consistency.
    • Improved levels of sleeping.

Try focusing on doing one thing at a time for a day or two and notice the benefits. You may be pleasantly surprised at the transformation that occurs.

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