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Integrity in Diversity

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:19 Jun 2023

Diversity and inclusion programs and policies have proliferated HR literature over the past few years. Most initiatives in the realm of diversity focus on ethnicity, gender, and age. Diversity involving these aspects is visible and therefore tangible. The question remains

Learning to Say No in Business is Essential

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:3 Jun 2023

Regretting business opportunities that do not fit with your values. At one time or another we have all worked with a client that has not been a values match. The end results have been frustrating and morale breaking. The client

Differences Between Coaching & Mentoring

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:27 May 2023

Coaching is task oriented. The development of the long-term relationship is not always critical to the success of the process. Mentoring on the other hand is relationship oriented and transformational in scope and takes a period of time to develop

Small Business Challenges

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:29 Dec 2022

As a small to mid-sized business owner the challenges you face are frequently around resources both financial and people related. You may have a wonderful office manager or administrative assistant that manages a number of related areas for you including