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Business Conduct & Transparency

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:2 Jul 2024

  Transparency in business conduct is a challenge that requires alignment from the executive suite all the way to casual staff. A blueprint for conduct alignment that is worth sharing follows. Take the time to develop a business code of

Characteristics of Resilience

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:8 May 2024

  Resilience is the ability to absorb a shock, to quickly assess a situation, and to bring yourself back to a higher level of functioning. The ability to bounce quickly is a learned behaviour. The world we live in can

Building Trust at Work

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:30 Apr 2024

Trust is a necessary requirement in the workplace. Despite its importance it is not a common feature between employees, managers, and the executive suite. Research by various firms indicates that fewer than 50% of employees trust their managers or their

Leadership Competencies

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:16 Apr 2024

    The market place is full of competency and behavioral assessments that assist leaders in discovering their core strengths.  Following are leadership competencies that are essential when leading others. Social Intelligence – A working definition here includes sensitivity to

Time to Pause, Reflect, & Integrate

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:2 Apr 2024

  As the western hemisphere moves into spring it signals a process of renewal for individuals, businesses and organizations alike. For renewal to be as impactful as possible it is important to pause, reflect and integrate what the change in