Integrity in Diversity

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Diversity and inclusion programs and policies have proliferated HR literature over the past few years. Most initiatives in the realm of diversity focus on ethnicity, gender, and age. Diversity involving these aspects is visible and therefore tangible. The question remains does it fully embody diversity? Does it have integrity? Or are there large gaps in this methodology?

When addressing diversity, it is important to focus on less tangible areas such as experience and perspectives. There is a tendency to focus on bringing people on board into a business or organization that share similar experiences or perspectives with the other team members or the hiring manager. While this may work because it is familiar and comfortable – it does not promote integrity in diverse hiring processes.

Bringing on people who have different experiences and perspectives allows for growth of the business or organization in ways that are not transparent. The growth could be an increase in clients, or a new product or service or even both.

Policies and practices around hiring and planning for diversity would do well to focus on the less visible aspects of the process. Diversity beyond the appearance of race, gender, and age just may be what is needed for your business or organization to have a tremendously successful improvement within the workplace dynamics.

Improved dynamics lead to happier employees and greater innovation overall.

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