Learning to Say No in Business is Essential

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Regretting business opportunities that do not fit with your values.

At one time or another we have all worked with a client that has not been a values match. The end results have been frustrating and morale breaking. The client is not happy with you. You are not happy with the way the work has gone. The situation has the potential to be highly toxic for both parties. When possible withdraw your services and walk way. 

Saying no garners respect.

It is powerful to let people know when they have not been successful in terms of a promotion or hiring process.  The person receiving the no has often thanked me for being transparent with them in providing feedback. To me that indicates a respect for the work done and for me as a person.

Declining opportunities frees up your time.

 Working with people who say yes to something and then spend their time complaining about the increased workload is not pleasant. When presented with an opportunity that you think you may want – think it over carefully before you accept. Saying no to something that you no longer have an interest in frees up your time and energy for projects that do. 

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