Differences Between Coaching & Mentoring

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Coaching is task oriented. The development of the long-term relationship is not always critical to the success of the process.

Mentoring on the other hand is relationship oriented and transformational in scope and takes a period of time to develop an approach that is sustainable and effective.

Coaching is short term in nature.  The process lasts as long as it takes for the task to be completed particularly in business situations.

Mentoring is long-term.  At a prolonged period of time in term of several months is required for a relationship of trust and security to develop. Once that is in place – the process unfolds to allow for the transformation agreed upon by the mentor and the mentee to unfold.

Coaching is noted as being performance driven.  The emphasis is on improvement most likely on the job.  Once new skills are acquired the coaching is deemed to be complete.

Mentoring on the other hand is noted as being development driven and is complete once certain milestones are achieved. On the job that could be promotion or change of business.

Coaching can begin almost immediately on most topics.  Preparation time is typically minimal.

Mentoring requires a design phase necessary to determine the strategic purpose of the mentorship and a timeline that may take several years to be completed.

Coaching is used to move forward in life and career and is often a fixed time situation.

Mentoring is the preferred strategy for those who are committed to change and who recognize that for that to happen support on a consistent and long-term basis is necessary.

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