Planning & Implementing Events

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As a team Faery Godmothers has the expertise and knowledge to support you with planning and organizing your event.  Whether that be a conference or an internal employee we provide assistance with the whole process from inception to follow-up after the event completion.

Planning for an event requires a clear objective, a target audience, and identification of a potential list of speakers and panelists. It also requires a venue that offers the right ambience and services to host the event.

The basics of event planning are well known. The success of an event is based on managing the process from end-to-end with charming persistence and grace. All events require advance planning well ahead of the date.

Areas where sooner is better than later include the following:

  • Establishing a budget and scope for the event
  • Identification of the theme and a tentative agenda
  • Developing a list of potential speakers and panelists
  • Design of marketing materials digital and print required
  • Sponsorship package development
  • Venue potentials along with accommodation and flight or travel arrangements to and from
  • Tech support for the event itself – from registration, to check in, to take down and closure
  • Marketing and registration processes
  • Vendor package development
  • Confirmation of event attendees
  • Set-up and take down teams
  • Managing temporary staffing for the event

For additional details and information on our event and conference services do touch base.