Differences Between Coaching & Mentoring

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:27 May 2023

Coaching is task oriented. The development of the long-term relationship is not always critical to the success of the process. Mentoring on the other hand is relationship oriented and transformational in scope and takes a period of time to develop

Development Challenges for NFP’s

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:18 May 2023

Many of us feel the need to volunteer our time and talent in support of community based organizations. These organizations may be large or small and typically operate as registered not for profit entities that have a Board of Directors

Career Changes Require Expert Support

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:8 Apr 2023

There is a lot of hype around resume tools that are available for free online. Including the latest material on the use of ChatGPT-4 as a resume tool. There are also a myriad of free resume services available through various

Small Business Challenges

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:29 Dec 2022

As a small to mid-sized business owner the challenges you face are frequently around resources both financial and people related. You may have a wonderful office manager or administrative assistant that manages a number of related areas for you including

Team Building & Assessments

Posted by:Marie-Helene Posted On:27 Dec 2022

Teams are crucial to business and organizational success. Having the people be in the right place interacting with others that have complementary skills and abilities is a great way to build successful teams. Most businesses and organizations feel that they